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              Major Grants Make a Difference

The following was received from one of our Major Grant recipients recently: 

" I just wanted to express how thankful we are to have had your support to give our students the experience of going to Fresno State and Yosemite last Saturday. The excitement and the smiles were contagious as we watched students experience mountains and waterfalls for the first time. We had several parents chaperone who had also never been to Yosemite, which was an added bonus. Attached are some photos of highlights from our trip that I hope you may be able to use to promote the VEF Grant Program in the future. Thank you so much for making this trip possible!"

Whitney McFarlane
Highland Elementary

                                                           Major Grants

Major Grants cover a wide spectrum related to the standards based curriculum with an emphasis on music and the arts.  In dollar amounts over $500, Major Grants can be used to purchase such items as audio and visual equipment, graphic design workstations, high technology equipment and even irrigation equipment for a horticulture program.  Major Grant applications are due the 3rd Friday in FEBRUARY of each year. 

You can download the application packet below:
PDF Form that can be viewed on screen, filled out, printed and emailed/mailed CLICK HERE


               Teacher Grants    

The Visalia Education Foundation (VEF) has awarded thousands of dollars to Visalia Unified teachers and staff for creative and innovative projects related to music and the arts and/or that support the standards based curriculum. The total amount of the grants varies each year depending on the number and quality of the applications and the funding available. For the 2018-2019 school year, $11,833 in Mini-Grants and $18,344 in Major Grants were funded for a total of $30,177!

The VEF is a non-profit public benefit corporation whose purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.  The VEF secures and distributes contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations for the benefit of students of the Visalia Unified School District. VEF also sponsors a Fall Band/Cheerleader review to showcase the talents of VUSD students, which raises money to help meet ongoing needs for musical instruments throughout the district. The VEF would especially like to extend a word of heartfelt appreciation to those administrators, staff and faculty of VUSD who have contributed through the VEF planned giving program.

The Grants are available to all teachers, staff, department heads and administrators to fund programs that benefit students if funding is not available through regular school sources, There a two types of grant programs.


Mini-Grants​ in amounts up to $500 are available through applications due the 3rd Friday in October, for creative, innovative educational projects.  Mini-Grant monies may be used to purchase materials, supplies, equipment, etc., necessary for the completion of the project,  Projects must be completed by the end of the school year.  For example, a Mini-Grant could be used to purchase science equipment for a special science experiment, or to fund a parent study skills program designed to improve the quality of parental involvement in schools.

You can download the application packet in Word or PDF format below:

Word form that can be viewed on screen, filled out, printed or emailed  CLICK HERE
PDF form that can be printed, filled out and sent in for processing  CLICK HERE