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  ​Major Grants Awarded February 17​​

On Wednesday, February 17, the Visalia Education Foundation made a presentation of the 2016 Major Grants at Visalia Unified School District's Principals' meeting.  Laura Pace, Chair of the VEF Grant Committee represented the Foundation in making the presentation of checks totaling $6711.43.
VTEC  Benjamin Ramirez  wrote a grant proposal to purchase a Skutt kiln for the 3D art/ceramics program at VTEC High School.  The grant will help integrate ceramics, garden art, pottery and sculpture to combine art and horticulture.  Mr. Ramirez is the instructor for both subjects.  Currently the school is limited in their ability to offer a comprehensive 3D art program and are badly in need of a kiln.  The cost for the project is $6000.  The school requested and was granted $5000 with site materials and funding being used to complete the project. The principal is Victoria Porter.
Golden Oak Elementary  Erik Johnson wrote a proposal to purchase 30 ukuleles, tuners and soft cases in order to teach 2nd and 3rd grade students how to play them in a bi-weekly after school program.  Students who participate would learn the basics of playing a stringed instrument and build a foundation for learning and playing harder stringed instruments at a later time.  Golden Oak already has a 4-6th grade bluegrass band that teaches other instruments.  The Foundation was pleased to match the request for $1211.43 to further this outstanding program. The Principal is Sue Wallace-Sims.
Goshen Elementary  Dave Card wrote a proposal to purchase three digital cameras and accessories to facilitate photography and yearbook at Goshen Elementary School.  The foundation funded the full grant for $500 to further the opportunities for students at this school site. The Principal is Jessica Alvarado

             2015 Mini Grants Awarded


Visalia Education Foundation Board member Laura Pace presented checks to the principals of five teachers who were selected as 2015 Mini Grant recipients on Wednesday, December 9. Five applications  were funded for a total of $2351.61 in awards this year. To learn more about grants available from the Foundation, click the tab "Teacher Grants" on the left side of this page.

Those receiving funding this year were:

Susan Schieferle               Hurley K-6                                        $500.00
Elevated Garden Bed for Physically Challenged Students and Adults

Purchase and assemble a Handicapped Elevated bed. Master Gardeners of Tulare-Kings Counties will provide labor and run drip line. VUSD earth science curriculum will be incorporated into garden lessons. Open public workshops will be open to physically challenged adult and youth population in Visalia. Progress will be reported in school and local newspaper.

Maria Botello                   Ivanhoe 5th Grade                             $500.00
Learning through photography

Purchase Pentax K50 digital camera. Students will learn through classroom experiences that are aligned with Common Core objectives that incorporate use of the digital camera. Their educational experience will be enhanced by completion of projects requiring the use of a variety of multimedia tools. This is a study of plants, mathematics, art, and science. 1 hour, 4 days per week, shared by all three 5th grade teachers.

Claude Guillory III            Willow Glen 7th and 8th  Grade             $491.60

Show how photography can help kids in math and science by making calculations with camera, I0, lens and showing the chemical reactions with film, light and sensors.
Photography can help in History and Language Arts in that pictures can help with writing prompts or analyzing an historical picture for content. By bringing in photography it can open up the curriculum making it more layered, richer and deeper. 3 months, 4X 45 minutes a week in class and 20 minutes homework. 14-15 students, 1 teacher. Purchasing 3 digital cameras, 3 16GB memory cards, 2 tripods.

Melissa Link                     Redwood 10-12 English                     $360.00
Writing On the Walls

Create a writing contest open to all students in the English Department. Literature will be judged and the winning pieces would be published on 18X24 posters. In conjunction with the Art Club the pieces would be either illustrated by student artists or a separate art contest will be run and the winning pieces combined on the posters. Posters will be hung around the school with the hope that the visual art will attract someone to stay long enough to read the writing. Materials for poster printing and lamination and hanging.

Stephen E. C. Post           Redwood 9-12                                                   $500.00
STEM is the future
Beginning in November provide twice weekly for 2-3 hours (75-100 total hours) of support for both teams in studying and building for next year's Science Olympiad. Five teachers have committed to coach approximately 35 students. The materials will be used at 23 events with about 6-7 being constructions event requiring glue, balsa wood, wire, pine wood, nails, etc. to compete.

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2016-17 Band Showcase Dates Announced

The dates for the 2016-17 school year were recently announced. The 14th Annual Band Review will be held on Monday, October 3, 2016 at the Groppetti Community Stadium. In case of rain, the event will be held on Monday, October 10th.

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 Paul McCartney Raffle a Success!    
                                                              The Visalia Education Foundation recently held                                                                 a raffle for two tickets with a face value of $500                                                                 to see Paul McCartney in his most recent tour.                                                                  McCartney’s One on One Tour was announced                                                                on March 9, and the first leg of the trek in North                                                                America  was on Wednesday, April 13 with a performance at the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California at 8 PM.  At the time of the One on One Tour announcement, there was only a total of seven North American dates booked for McCartney. 

      Robin Halsey was the winner of the two great tickets to see Paul McCartney!  Robin's teen-aged son convinced her to come into Visalia from Woodlake to buy two tickets with $20 in quarters.  Robin's husband and son attended the concert.

A total of 355 tickets were sold.  Approximately $3,000 was realized that will go to student scholarships and teacher grants.

 Band Showcase Held October 12th

The Visalia Education Foundation hosted the 13th Annual Band Showcase on Monday, October 12th at 7:30 P.M. This event has been graciously sponsored by ServiceMaster by Benevento for many years.  El Diamante, Golden West, Mt. Whitney and Redwood High School bands performed their half time shows. The high school cheer and dance squads also performed that evening.

The Band Showcase provides an opportunity for high school bands to introduce their upcoming half time shows to family, friends, and the Visalia Community. 
The fun-filled evening features great music and entertainment along with tasty concession stand food and drinks.

Proceeds from this event help purchase musical instruments and support music and performance programs in our VUSD schools. To learn more about the Band Showcase click the tab to the left titled "Band Showcase".

   Visalia Education Foundation